Why Being a Nanny is the Best Job Ever


When I tell people that my job is nannying (or babysitting for some families), I often get reactions like “being a nanny isn’t a real job” or “LOL you get paid to sit there and do nothing?” I used to almost be ashamed to admit that right now in my life, I watch kids for a living. But I very quickly realized that it is so much more than that.

I often forget so many of the perks and incredible things that make being a nanny the best job in the entire world. So here is a reminder to myself and to many other childcare providers that we are important. Working with kids has made me a much better person.


Here are some reasons that make me happy I chose to be a nanny:

You are able to be a part of the child’s life and experience every milestone as they grow up. When they accomplish something new, you have just about as much pride as their parents have. They look up to you and they love you. And there is nothing better than walking through the door and seeing that huge smile on their face the second they see you.

If you’re as lucky as I have been, the parents become your friends. Not only do you create a bond with their kids, but the parents make you feel like you’re part of the family. In return for caring for their children, they truly care about you as well. They care about how you’re doing and what is going on in your life aside from caring for their children. Plus, they’re a great reference 😊

You have to. You become the “parent figure” during the time their parents are away. In my eyes, I think the kids I nanny are angels. But in reality, I know my patience gets tested A LOT. There are times when the baby is screaming, or the little boy decides to color all over the walls, or he throws a fit because I tell him he can’t eat ice cream and marshmallows for breakfast, or I am told I am the “worst babysitter ever” because I won’t let them swing from their parents’ nice new curtains. That’s when you learn to be calm and just breathe. Most people have this idea that it doesn’t take much to be a nanny. The fact is – NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A NANNY… at least not a good one!

Although being a nanny is a huge responsibility and can sometimes be exhausting, it is almost impossible to be in a bad mood when you are with those children. Spending 9+ hours talking to an adult every day would make me go crazy, but it’s so much different with kids.  As someone who struggles with the effects of depression and anxiety on a daily basis, I am so lucky to have a job that makes every anxious or sad feeling I could possibly have that day, go away.

I’m not in it for the money, but I sometimes forget that my pay is way higher than average. It’s not very common that people get paid for doing what they truly love, but I do. And I am extremely grateful for that.

You have to be creative and you have to remember how to use your imagination because let me tell you, you’d be surprised at what some kids come up with in their heads. You have to dress up, color, run around, and instead of your regular reality tv shows, you’re now watching Paw Patrol and PJ Masks every day (and yes, you WILL quickly learn every single word to their theme songs and sing right along with them 😛).

I know being a nanny doesn’t automatically make you a parent and I never want anyone to assume that I see myself as that. But it does show you parts of what it will be like to be a parent. You get to help raise children, help them learn, and try different discipline and educational ways. I’ve changed more diapers and have dealt with more poo, pee, and puke than many people even want to think about. I feel like that gives you some sort of preparation for the future. I know it’s a lot easier when you aren’t dealing with it all 24/7 but I do believe being a nanny has given me an advantage.

It’s easy to love your own child. Learning to love someone else’s child takes something more. Being a nanny has taught me not only to love, but to love unconditionally. And I would literally do anything for those kids!


To every family who has trusted me, counted on me, and allowed me to love their children… THANK YOU! ❤


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